Paula Sisk’s cowboy/farm poetry began as a hobby, became memories she desired to save for her grandchildren and then evolved into a humorous book to share with a world in need of laughter. “Rhyme From the Field and Farm” is an Oklahoma product, written in an Oklahoma milk barn and published by Tate Publishing Enterprises of Mustang, Oklahoma.
The books subtitle “A Lil’ Laughin’ Will Do Ya No Harm,” indicates the humor inside. You will chuckle your way through 137 poems, 131 of which are nonfiction. These little jewels are illustrated with 36 photos old and new. The subject matter includes the experiences of thirty five years as a dairy farmer’s wife, parenting, government and childhood memories. There are two poems (with old photos) about Oklahoma historical figures, Lucille Mulhall, the first cowgirl and Will Rogers.
Written in her charming Northeastern Oklahoma dialect, this engaging book is food for a short or long read. When you have laughed your way through the last poem, you will know what it truly means to be a farmer’s wife.